"Does Your Website Convince People Out of Doing Business With You...?"

66% of American's use Online Local Search, like Google Places & Google Maps to locate a Local Business. While 21% of Consumers are Put Off from Local Businesses with an Ugly, Tired Looking Website


Traditional Marketing is Dying a Slow Painful Death.

What Modern Marketing Practices Are You Taking Advantage Of?

The days of getting away with having no website and hardly a web presence are gone. Even the older generation is adopting modern media and search habits to find local businesses. 

You may be one of the leading local businesses who outsourced the website creation and web marketing to a third party company, and that is likely putting you ahead of the competition. 

Although, are you capitalizing on the leads that found your website?

Is your website designed to cater to Google's algorithms that decides how & where your business ranks online?

Maybe you're in the other boat, the business who's lucky that Google finds local businesses and puts them on their map search. Although, even then you can tip the scales in your favour to be found higher than your local competitors.

Online, there are SO many factors that go into 1) being found online, 2) creating a great first impression, and 3) turning those impressions into patients.

If you're like most business owners, you ignore your website, social media, and web marketing altogether, using LUCK as your dominant online marketing strategy.

Don't let your marketing and website go stale. 

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"What Does This "Audit" Include?"


By taking advantage of our Website & Social Media Audit, you will discover...

  1. The shocking stats on why you can't ignore website appearance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and social media marketing.
    ...if 1.23 BILLION people are using facebook actively, don't you think it makes sense to advertise there?
  2. Your Personal Website/Social Score
  3. The Errors Google Deducts from Your Chances of Ranking High
  4. The # of "Referrals" Your Website Gets (Backlinks)
  5. Your First Impression - Meraki's Tips for Engagement & Conversion
  6. Top 5 Action Steps for SEO, Engagement, and Social Media
  7. Free Follow Up Call to Discuss What ALL This Means for You & Your Business
  8. Options to Move Forward and Clean It Up!

The truth is that technologies don't die. They just become uninteresting and irrelevent. Likely, you've been told to use these technologies early in business. 

We know there are people in YOUR community searching for what YOU offer. We want to help you help them and share your gifts & talents with the world.


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Shocking Stats You Can't Ignore:


"43% of internet searches performed today use a local keyword. 86% of those searches convert to a phone call or visit to the physical address." 

"69% of consumers are more likely to use a local business if it has information available on a social media site."

-Local Search Usage Study by TMP Directional Marketing

You can ignore it all you want, but it's like an infected sore - the more you ignore it the worse it gets. I've learned that your health is the only thing that goes away if you ignore it. 

What proactive steps can you do in your business to take advantage of the local leads in your community looking for what you have to offer. Don't settle with your current results. 

If you are the action taker I know you are (because you got this far down the page), click the big yellow button below.

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"Frequently Asked Questions"

Do I need to have a website?
You'd be surprised... but yes you do! If you don't have a website, we can offer you solutions to create a beautiful and engaging website to call your own. You have full control.
Is this going to be full of technology lingo I don't understand?
Google speaks in robot code we can call it, so to create different names for all the metrics we look at would be confusing to your web developer to go change. 

Don't worry, that's why we offer you a FREE follow up call with us!
What if I don't have a web developer to make changes?
We have you covered. We would never propose a problem without a solution available, that doesn't make sense to us. You can use our professional web developer for only $30 per hour.

Most traditional web developers/programmers like to charge a fee of $50-80/hour in this industry.
How do I set up a call with you after the audit?
The instructions to book a call are super simple to follow, and they're all included inside the document we'll send you!
How long does it take to receive the audit after payment?
We are a small team and have many faucets to our business and lifestyle. We believe highly in a healthy work/life balance through the personal coaching of Dr. Tom.

We aim to have your audit ready for you within 7 days of receiving your payment.  
Will you help me with my social media ?

We are currently developing systems to help people like you and businesses like yours with the most critical elements of social media marketing.

We would love to discuss this with you at the end of our follow up call!